Privacy Policy

Here at 3plestar, we never compromise with the privacy and confidentiality of the customers. With that in mind, we have designed the Privacy Policy after following all the regulatory credentials. Perhaps, we being conscious about customer privacy made us one of the most reliable service providers in the city. We are very much concerned about protecting the privacy of each customer and that for we collect a few details from them that help us to deliver better service all the time. We are very much dedicated to provide customized solutions to each and every customer and this is the reason we collect a few necessary details.

Details that we need to upgrade the service

Below you can find the details that we collect from the visitors and buyers which help us realize the latest trend in the market and most importantly, the individual and specific demand of the buyers. The policy also explains how the details are collected and protected from any sort of inappropriate usage.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact number
  • Email ID etc.

We respect the privacy of the customers and even the visitors and this is the reason none of the details are disclosed to the unauthorized persons only the selected officials have access to those details.

How we maintain and protect the details

The privacy policy of us also explains how we use the details that are voluntarily provided by the buyers. We collect the details for the sole purpose of improving the interface of the website based on the browsing details. We also want to offer more flexibility to the users so that they can find browsing the website even more exciting than before.

None of the details are shared with any unknown person or any third party sources for promotional purposes. The information is stored in our secured database which only the selected personnel have the access of. We keep updating our database and that is scanned regularly in order to prevent any sort of malware attack. More so, the details are removed from the database after a certain period of time.