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Triple star services was started on the premise of providing clients with a unique commercial and residential cleaning service that would give you a vacation feeling in your business or home. We offer the highest quality professional cleaning services in Christchurch.Triple Star specializes in cleaning of apartments, houses, condominiums, offices and commercial spaces. We have the most experienced and dependable staff ready to deliver quality cleaning services you deserve.

Triple Star Services is a family owned and operated cleaning services company in Christchurch NZ, that focuses on commercial and residential cleaning services. Our founding team members have over eight years’ experience in cleaning services, and we aim to provide top quality cleaning services at very competitive rates to our valued customers.Our company is made up of staff is responsible, and this accounts for the integrity and high standards of Triple Star services. We carefully screen all employees through references and background checks. All of our cleaning sites are insured, and so the security and safety of your home and business are guaranteed.

Do you have floor-to-ceiling Windows in your home?

Do you have a hard time reaching some higher windows when it’s time to spring clean?
Does cleaning the outside of second-story windows seem impossible and dangerous?
Are you tired of looking out of all your dirty windows?

Triple Star Cleaning has you covered. No need to grab a ladder or towels in hopes that you can do the job yourself. Let our trained professionals come in and help you make the windows shine bright like new. We use top of the line state-of-the-art window washing tools imported from the UK and engineered to be gentle for window frames.

Interior Windows

We don’t just clean the window panes . We make them shine. We clean dirt between tracks to ensure a smooth finish. We clear out cobwebs. We leave streak free and shiny and results. satisfaction guaranteed, if you’re not happy will come back and do it again.

Triple Star Cleaning has the experience allows you to throw in the towel. No need to go to work and then come home to do more work. Getting to hard-to-reach windows can be dangerous on a ladder by yourself. Our window cleaners are trained and vetted professionals you can trust to do a great job. That’s why we are the top cleaning service in Chrischurch, NZ.

You can trust Triple Star Cleaning to get the job done in an efficient and timely manner. We work with your schedule to make it convenient for you to get things that matter to you done. Even last minute we can accommodate your every need.

Exterior windows
Our window cleaning includes not only the cleaning of the window panes but also the sills, panes, and ledges of your window too. All included in one great price.
We also clean all exterior windows from the bottom floor in order to give you the privacy you deserve in your own home. That also means piece of that there are no ladders and no workers on your roof. Our special brushes can reach up to 3 stories high with no problem.

Don’t trust just anyone in your home or around your windows. Know that each one of our cleaners has been vetted so that you can have piece of mind. Know also that we are insured for any accidents.

Call us for a free home or office window cleaning estimates and let us show you how we understand our clients needs and exceed the every time.

Why Us

We pride ourselves on our reputation which is one of quality service that is second to none. Our staff is always attentive to all of our customer’s request needs, for this reason, we have implemented a Scheduling System that is sophisticated and that allows us to service different types of clients with various scheduling needs.

At Triple Star, we have always believed that our success depends solely on our customers’ complete satisfaction. You can be assured that you will receive the highest levels of service that can be provided by the cleaning industry. We achieve that by offering you a unique set of services that creates a feeling of order and relaxation to your business or home!

So, as you can see, it’s simply the smart choice to hire the services of Triple Star for all of your cleaning needs for your apartment, house, office or commercial spaces.


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