Pets Families: Deep Cleaning

We all love our pets. They are almost like family in some households. They share the bed with you and watch you in any room you venture to. However, pet hair and dander are not something you want in the bed or in the carpets in other rooms. It’s very important that you do regular cleaning to keep you home from smelling like your pet and a deep cleaning twice a year with a cleaning service chch can help to further clean your home against the build up of pet hair.

Daily cleaning

It’s important to do small daily vacuum cleaning and dusting of the space. Over a weeks worth of dust and cat hair can build up in the window seals and make it look really gross and that’s just one of the places your cat like to hang out.


When you do a deeper cleaning once every 6 months it’s a good idea to have a cleaning service chch give your home a full top to bottom cleaning. Carpets are often so over run from just the family walking in high traffic area and add a pet and you have carpet that need to deep cleaned. We all love our dogs but do you really want to be inhaling his pet dander when you are playing on the floors? Didn’t think so. A cleaning service chch can deep clean your floors so well that they look new and take away all the potentially harmful debris that lurks unseen.


Windows are notorious for being forgotten about during a deep clean. You figure they aren’t really that dirty and not that important to the home over all. But once you have your windows cleaned by a professional cleaning service chch you won’t know why you never did before. You will feel a huge difference in the light that is now able to get into your space and how much clearer your view is inside and out. The best cleaning services chch don’t just clean the glass either. The best cleaning services chch have a special window cleaning service that also includes cleaning the frame and the window tracks of the windows as well for an all over spectacular clean.

Shades and curtains should also be attended to as well with a good dusting or a washing of your curtains. This ensures that no dust or dander is just stiff and stuck into the windows.


Bedding is something that should be tackled weekly. Stripping all the bed sheets and blankets and washing them as well as adding a sheet protector to help keep dander out of your mattress and pillowcases. This will ensure that when you go to bed at night your not breathing in your pet.

Pets are so important to families. They are the glue that bring everyone together. While they are beloved you don’t have to love the smells and the hair and dander left behind them. Daily cleaning helps maintaining a cleaner environment manageable but twice a year its an excellent idea to have a cleaning service chch come in and help deep clean, flooring and windows. Leaving you with the ability to breath deeper and easier knowing that it’s all done.

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